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Quality inspectors are looking

We are looking for the automotive industry, component manufacturing partner for determining the quality control staff three shifts.

Continually expanding our team we are looking for quality inspectors in our database. If you feel able to fill a position, send your CV with photo.

This report from an application and application materials by sending my CV consent to the data in management, database recording released by the Walp Service Kft. and disposal. In case of proper job - by appointment - to transmission.

I acknowledge that the data within 8 days after removal from the database or change the data written at my request, receipt of the request.

That request must be notified to the data recorder office in writing. I certify that the information given by me are true. High-level management and problem-solving skills. Precise accuracy, attention to detail. Incoming goods inspection, production process. At least 1-2 years of professional experience in the automotive.

Reliability, flexibility, precise and accurate work, monotony ruggedness, high level of concentration, patience, perseverance.
What we offer:
Stable background. Continuous job opportunities, announced a competitive salary.

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